Magic Valley Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle Review

Magic Valley Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle Review

He said,  “I am totally…hooked! I didn’t even know that I was uncomfortable with my old seat until I got on this one.” Jonathan is a classic mountain biker, 6’2″ and 175 lbs. Formally, he was a mountain bike guild in the Italian Alps. He is not the person typically looking for a “comfort” seat […]

Rideout Technologies Carbon Comfort

He called and said, Give me the most comfortable seat you have!

  Behold the power of a bicycle.  Writer Ken Hoffman of CultureMap reports that one charity ride in Houston has raised $267 million dollars in 15 years for the MS society. That is a ton of money! I have no idea how many charity rides occur every weekend. I have my favorites I participate in […]

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