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No One Thought I Could Do It:

When I started this company, I was a single, middle-aged woman who was a Food Scientist with a “Riding Problem”. No one thought I could actually build a more comfortable bike seat. I went to four different manufactures in the US and they all just blew me off. All thought I would fail. All, save one stranger in a parking lot who explained how to proceed.

Here Is What I Have Learned:

It is okay to try and fail as long as you fall forward. It took me 49 prototypes before I had a seat I was happy with. I was building bike seats in my garage and giving them to friends to test them out. One day they stopped giving them back. “You can make another one” they said. “How much do you want – I’ll buy it”. It was not a question from them, it was a statement.
Pain is temporary. Each seat takes years of testing before being released. It is a painful process. Life can be painful, failing to complete a long ride, even climbing a big hill, starting a business, changing your life, it all can hurt. Failures hurt. However, pain is temporary. It lasts only as long as we let it. We can get through it.
Be the best person you can be. I run this company as though I am the customer. We engineer as much safety and quality as we can into our products. They are built to last.
We treat the world and our fellow humans with respect. We are fair, honest and kind. I have often said we could change the world with a comfortable bike seat. The average car trip in the US is less than 5 miles, imagine the difference, politically, economically, environmentally and personally to our waist lines, it would make if we just rode those miles on a bike and not in a car. We are changing the world, one butt at a time.
We are obsessively passionate about helping our customers with their personal transformations. Over the years, customers write me about their weight loss, how they have regained health, completed long rides with family and made new friends or traveled new counties all via they bike. Tell us your story.

From order fulfillment to web design, we are here to help.

Need assistance choosing the seat is best for you? Have a question or just want to share your successes?

Give us a call. We are here to help.

-Your RideOut Team

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