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This study of bike seat comfort has been long debated, however no long term studies of a large group size haver been conducted. But really, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that numbness means blood is being constricted. Women often have numbness in their legs, men get “Numb Nuts”.

To combat blood constriction, The RideOut seat disperses rider weight over a great area and actually flexes with the riders’ movements. A slight flexing of the seat (1/8 to ¼ of an inch) is enough to relieve pressure. Studies conducted by the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Bioengineering department visually demonstrate the difference in seat pressure.

Both photos were produced by placing a pressure mat between the rider and two different seats (see photo above). Bike, seat angle, rider and rider placement were exactly the same between the two tests, the only difference being the seat. These photos are of a 144 lb. male. The test results are below:

OK, so I have had the Brooks Saddle and of course the rock hard saddles that came with my new bikes and riding has always been a painful experience, more specifically a pain in the (backside). So to say I was skeptical at the reviews and claims of this unorthodox saddle would be an understatement. But I ordered one anyway. I like generations of men before me, put the seat on my bike saddle on without reading the included instructions or watching the video. The seat was… well not much different than my previous seats as far as comfort. So I broke down and called Rideout Tech’s customer service. To my surprise Jeri (the seat inventor, patent holder, and company president) answered the call! Well, in her own very polite way she told me to RFD (Read the “full” directions) She walked me thru the steps to set this saddle on my bike properly. Slightly lower on the post and tilted about 5 degrees forward was the key. With these adjustments the seat performed great. I’m Sold on it.
Aussie Rider
My Happy Behind!
Just wanted to tell you I bought one of your seats…must be at least 5 years ago, probably longer. I love this seat! I have had no discomfort while riding it, sometimes 50 or 60 miles in a day. I ride about 1,000 miles per year on my road bike and another 50 on my mountain bike. Not sure this saddle would be the best on the mountain bike, however. Mahalo! Editors Note: Gary rides a Green Carbon Comfort. You are in luck Gary! For the mountain bike seat, you should try the new Challenger Mountain Bike Seat made specifically to be the most comfortable mountain bike seat you could imagine.
Gary C.
Sold on it!
What in the heck did you do to my BUTT? I ordered the STORM QUEST (order #4309) and installed it in minutes. I have a SPECIALIZED Cross Trail Sport bike. I went on 2- 20+mile rides and a 12 mile trail ride. I DID NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MY BUTT… because I NEVER FELT ANY… and I mean ANY discomfort or pain! AMAZING. I didn’t even wear my usual padded bike shorts on my trail ride -(just regular shorts) and still DID NOT FEEL A THING! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your saddle technology…. I know when it’s time to buy another bike, I will automatically replace the saddle with yours!! To me, it was worth the money and just plain worth it! THANK YOU! Save your ass… get the RIDE OUT STORM QUEST; no if’s, ands, or “butts… ” Oh yeah, and my “BUTT” thanks you to ????
I am 61 years old and have been riding a bike for over 40 years locally and on extended cycle touring trips. I have always had seat issues causing discomfort, pain and other chronic “female” genital complaints from prolonged pressure in that area. I have also had problems as a result of having to wear padded bike shorts. On a ride they tend to get quite moist and soggy (like wearing a diaper) the longer you wear them. Since I have started using the RideOut women’s seat I no longer have any genital complaints, I do not have to wear padded shorts (normal shorts are fine), and I never get butt pain from being in the saddle too long. I tell everyone I ride with that this seat is amazing and I will not use any other brand from now on. Barbara rides a Pink Carbon Comfort.
Barbara R.
My buddy, Stan Lee, turned me on to your company’s bicycle seat while vacationing with him in Kona recently. I rode almost 90 miles with that great seat in the week I was there and never felt better! I’m dealing with a constant Prostate issue and suffered a UTI until the antibiotics took hold on the island, so your seat was a great relief! Mahalo!
Jeff Citron
Great bicycle seat affixed to a vintage diamond frame, ridden by a veteran bicycle commuter. Idaho Highway 54, outside Bay View Idaho. Keep up the good work RideOut Technologies.
Bill R.
Aaron B
Video Testimonial
LOVE the Carbon Comfort!
David H.
I took the plunge and picked up a Storm Quest from you (via Amazon). It arrived today and I took it out for a test drive this evening. The ride was not very long, 8-9 miles or so, but I did ride rather aggressively. Though the true test of the saddle will have to wait until longer 20-25 mile rides, my first impression of the saddle is quite positive. The saddle shape minimizes stress at the back of my thighs at my buttocks. I could really feel the difference. The horn is very short and unobtrusive when compared to the Respiro model I had been using, yet it is long enough to provide riding control. Despite the lack of a perium “hole” in the middle of the saddle as is orthodox in current saddle design, the Storm Quest put less pressure on my perineum than the Respiro. (The Respiro has an annoying hard plastic ring in the saddle hole that I can feel on rides of most any length, and it gets progressively more uncomfortable as I put miles on in my rides.) The Storm Quest did an extremely good job of supporting my weight at my sit bones. I found the design features in the Rideout product to be unique, but not gimmicky, and every detail seems to have been motivated by sensible and careful consideration of anatomy and function.This may be a bit of a “honeymoon” review, but longer rides are on tap for later in the week, weather and time permitting. I’ll give you an update as soon as I feel I’ve pushed this product adequately. Under any circumstances, you’ve clearly put your heart and soul into the product, and it is an intelligent design. It is a quality product and I wish you well with it.
Neil G.
Frances T.
Bike Commuter
I’ve been riding your Carbon Comfort saddle for three seasons (that’s over 9000 miles) and so far, it’s by far the most comfortable saddle I’ve ridden. While I was riding across Oregon and California two years ago, I entered a small sporting shop in Reedsport to get dehydrated meals for my nights camping. When I said that my bum was aching, he told me about a Reedsport citizen who invented a fabulous seat. He phoned his wife home to give me some coordinates. I got the name Rideout. It was enough to order and appreciate. You did some hard research to push out such a saddle. The results speak. My behind thanks you very much Miss Rutherford. UPDATE: Andre has since purchase a second seat for his commuter bike, a seat for his girlfriend and Firefly bike grips for both of them. What a nice guy!
André R
I admit it, I was a disbeliever. “No way”, I thought. My husband had been encouraging me to ride our bikes with him, but I was always so uncomfortable after five or six miles I couldn’t do it. I read about the Carbon Comfort Bike Saddle and we passing thru Boise on our way to a family reunion on the coast. So we stopped at the RideOut office and bought a seat, even installed it right there onto the bike. Again as a disbeliever I thought the seat looked too small, until I took some test runs. It was really comfortable. The next day we on the coast, we rode up Hwy 101 to the neighboring town for lunch and I was shocked. The seat disappeared under me. Not only did I keep up with my husband, I beat him home! Now I actually enjoy riding. Before my bike seat was making me so miserable I couldn’t think of anything else, now I’m having fun. Thank you for a truly comfortable bike seat.
I purchased this seat 2 weeks ago and I can hardly describe the relief. People probably though I was nuts riding and laughing at the same time. It is virtually painless because my weight is on my sit bones and not other places. I had to adjust the saddle angle a few times to get it correct. Also I like the way it absorbs the bumps in the road. I think it is worth taking a look at. I am 6’6″, 220 lbs, tall and slender with no fat in the butt. I have tried 6 saddles in the past by either purchasing them or through a demo program. I guess that since this is lucky #7 it worked. I could not go wrong with their 30 day comfort guarantee, so I thought I would try it. Lucky for me it worked. Michael rides a Storm Quest Bike Saddle: https://rideouttech.com/product/storm-quest-bike-saddle/
Michael A. Sikora
Just a quick note from a Carbon Comfort seat “convert” over h:ere in Spokane! I’m in my second season of riding with the Storm Quest seat and I guess you can call me a true believer — I have adapted fully to the unique design and features of the product and don’t see any reason to go back to any other kind of seat (and I’ve tried several). I’m a recreational distance rider — mostly due to work and time constraints — but there’s no doubt your seat design lets me spend more time comfortably in the saddle.
John Lyons
Spokane, WA
“Today was the big test of the new seat: a 5 hour ride. It works! No pain at all. The old penile neuropathy didn’t show. I used to be not be able to go for much more than a half-hour without having to stop.”
Bike Rider
“Hello, I got my RideOut seat and it is awesome. My backside used to kill me after long rides and now that is a distant memory. It is the most comfortable seat I have ever been on. I plan to buy two more for my other bikes. Keep up the great work.”
Trey C.
Biking Enthusiast
“I care about losing weight and getting fit. My doctor recommended biking and now after a decade of not riding, I am enjoying it again, your seat is THAT GOOD.”
Jeanie T.
North Carolina
Anita F
Video Testimonial
“The Carbon Comfort seat arrived promptly and sat on the shelf for a few weeks while winter did its thing. Installed the seat on Sunday morning. Took just a few minutes, anyone can do it. Hopped on at 11:30 AM thinking a short 2 mile ride would do. Returned home at 4:30 PM having spent most of the day on the bike! Lower legs were very sore. I could barely walk. And guess what else was sore? Nothing! I am sure I don’t have to burden you with the full description of the special places where a 230 pound man can get sore after that many hours on a road bike. No chafing. No soreness. Oh, did I mention it was my first ride of the year? Everyone who rides a bike should try this bike seat.”
Joe N.
Crown Point, IN
“I’m 67 years old, a lifetime biker. Mother nature has taken away my natural padding, but the Carbon Comfort Saddle makes my daily workout painless once more. I don’t know how it works, but it does. I’ll be buying more for my other bikes.”
Lifetime Biker
“The Carbon Comfort seat does exactly what it claims to do.”
McU Sports Store Manager - Boise, ID
“The first time I rode on a Carbon Comfort saddle, I was reminded of an expensive ergonomic office chair — great balance right on the sit-bones, and tilted slightly to take pressure off my back. I realized that my rigid old bicycle seat was forcing me into a static position…no wonder biking always caused low back pain! The problem wasn’t me or my bike, it was my seat… and I’m now riding farther and more frequently than I have in years. My padded bike shorts can stay in the back of my closet! This saddle is really comfy!”
Amy Siedenstrang
Long-Time Rider
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