Science Behind a Comfortable Bike Seat Design

What makes the RideOut Technologies line of seats so different?

What makes these seats so different is reverse engineering, thinking about the bike seat as an extension of the body, not just something you sit on. Your body moves as you ride, not just your legs up and down but also your bottom and your center of gravity shifts slightly from left to right.

Adding a flexible base plate that the seat rails attach to allows the seat top, the part you actually sit on, to move along with your boy as you ride is the key to comfort. A standard seat is static, the top may be padded but the seat itself never moves. After a few miles, that static top starts to compress your tissues and nerves causing a burning sensation, pain and sometimes numbness.  This pain is your body’s tissues screaming for oxygen and blood. The RideOut line of seats flex slightly left to right and right to left as your body moves, which means the tissues don’t get compressed and blood keeps flowing.

These videos produced at the University of Wisconsin show the amount of compression between the rider and the seat and are a crucial case in point for our comfortable bike seat design.

The standard seat has a “hot spot” of high compression right in-between your legs.

On the RideOut seat, there is less overall pressure because the seat top is bigger allowing greater weight distribution and it is only under your “sit bones” those nobs on your pelvic girdle where you are supposed to be sitting.

Watch these videos to learn more about our comfortable seat design and how to get the most out of your new seat.

The Science of Bike Seat Comfort

This video discusses the science used in our comfortable bike seat design and features a live video comparison of the Carbon Comfort VS a typical seat.

*Note this is an older model of our seat with a bamboo cover, but the science behind our seats is the same!

Are they really more comfortable?

Yes they are. You should expect to adjust your seat to your particular body, by titling the seat, lowering etc. We have a video to help you do that:

As one bicycle magazine editor put it… “After a bit you forget entirely about the seat, which is exactly what you want a seat to do, disappear.”

These videos are just a brief overview of our comfortable bike seat design study. If you are interested in more reading on our research and many other case studies that have been done on the topic, take a look at our Bike Seat Comfort page which includes much more on why the RideOut Technologies’ line of seats and saddles are so comfortable.
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