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At RideOut Technologies, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of truly comfortable bike seats designed specifically for both men and women. The Carbon Comfort line of seats have become the new standard in the industry for lightweight, high performance comfortable bike seats and are renowned for their comfort and durability. Our newest offering, the Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle, is taking the mountain bike world by storm and quickly becoming the favorite of mountain bikers across the country as their saddle of choice. Whether you’re a daily commuter, a long-distance cyclist, bike for fun or bike for work, you know comfort is key. Browse our selection of comfortable bike seats to finally find the seat or saddle you’ve been searching for!

Carbon Comfort Bike Seat

The flagship product in our line of comfortable bike seats, the Carbon Comfort is different from other bicycle seats, this unisex seat is optimized for the commuting, touring, cruising and hybrid bike and riders who weigh less than 175 lbs. Utilizing an infused carbon fiber in the base plate which allows the saddle to conform and flex to the rider, the seat absorbs road shock and chatter. The separate plates allow air flow to help to keep you cool. This seat is best for bikes where the handle bars are higher than or equal to the height of the seat. No need for padded bike shorts with this seat either. Go ahead, join up on that next big Charity ride, you arrive in comfort.

Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle

Save your backside and behind with the ultimate comfortable mountain bike saddle! The Challenger mountain bike saddle is the first of it’s kind to flex under the rider absorbing the hard bumps and shock of the trail. Combine that with an ergonomically shaped, softer top and wow, a truly comfortable saddle. The Challenger features and extended horn, specifically designed for superior control of the bike on the tightest two-tracks and tricky climbs. This seat is ideal for any bike where the handle bars are straight or nearly straight and you are looking for a more traditional shape with all the built-in comfort. You’ll be able to tackle that long ride or single track with this seat.

Pink Carbon Comfort Bike Seat

Responding to customer feedback and popular requests, we designed this seat especially for women riders above 175 pounds. This ultra-comfortable bike seat has a narrow horn to prevent inner leg chaffing and utilizes the same infused carbon fiber suspension and chromyl rails as the Storm Quest. Ready to ditch those bulky padded bike shorts? Looking to cruise the greenbelt in style and comfort? Here is your girl. Are you looking for all day comfort for a long-distance tour? Again, this is the best seat for you.

Storm Quest Bike Saddle

We’re proud of the Storm Quest Saddle, the first bicycle seat designed exclusively for tactical, police, campus patrols and airport security applications. This saddle is optimized for the officer (or any rider) that lives on their bike. The Storm Quest is optimized for men who weight more than 175 lbs. or who spend extended hours in the saddle. Working cyclists can finally find the comfort they’ve been searching for! Have dreams of a cross-state ride or other long distance goal? This would the be best seat for men seeking to “Do More”.

Firefly Bike Grips

Reduce arm, wrist and neck fatigue while increasing rider safety with the integration of LED turn signals. A push button under your thumb turns the flashing lights on. This enables the riders to signal lane changes while still holding onto the handle bars. Lights are visible from three directions. Be seen to be safe. These lights are particularly great during dawn and dusk when rider safety is to very important. The shock proof, water proof, ergonomic grips make all-day riding especially comfortable on your wrists.

Urban Touring Bag

RideOut Technologies’ Urban Touring Bag is designed with the rider in mind. It is the perfect complement to our line of comfortable bike seats as the bag clips directly into the back of the seat and all our seats come with a bag clip installed. The built-in three position LED flashing red light is extremely bright and makes you visible on your ride. Be seen to be safe with this stylish and practical storage bag.

Wood Bike Holder

Perfect for the garage, apartment or loft, the RideOut Technologies wooden bike holder will solve the age-old problem of knocking over your bike wherever you store it. These bicycle holders are custom made to order and have a convenient shelf to hold your extras like your bike helmet and gloves. Stop leaning your bike against the wall and move on up with a new bike holder to save more room in your living space!

Saddle Base

It doesn’t happen right away, but eventually, even these amazing bike seats wear out. When all you need is a new base for your RideOut Tech Saddle, here you go.


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