Some days I look around at life and can’t help but say, Wow how did I get here? I’m trained as a Food Scientist started designing and building bike seats because I couldn’t find a comfortable one.  And as I take up different types of biking, I found I need different types of bike seats. Comfortable bike seats are an under-served market and in particular comfortable mountain bike seats.  It took exactly one ride on my new Fat Tire mountain bike to realize, I need something besides that plastic ax-head seat that came with the bike. Hence, I started on the development of the Challenger.

Why are so many seats painful? I think that this is due in part to the fact that young people often drive the market.  When I was younger, I rode anything – everywhere. Also many younger folk believe the old line “No Pain No Gain”. We know that isn’t really the best way to train and generally by the time we are 35 or so, if “it” is painful, we don’t do “it”. So get yourself a comfortable mountain bike seat and keep on riding!

In the following review, the author states, “The Challenger reviews as one of the best and most comfortable mountain bike saddles I’ve come across. It’s a great saddle and it fills a niche that I think is rather underserved.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Read the full article on here and see if they decided if the Challenger is the most comfortable mountain bike saddle ever made…

KIVITV’s Jillian Garrigues decided to run a story on RideOut for a…

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