He said,  “I am totally…hooked! I didn’t even know that I was uncomfortable with my old seat until I got on this one.”
Jonathan is a classic mountain biker, 6’2″ and 175 lbs. Formally, he was a mountain bike guild in the Italian Alps. He is not the person typically looking for a “comfort” seat and yet, he found his ride to be even more enjoyable when he put a Challenger on his bike. Joy, getting lost in the hills, the scenery, feeling the breath rushing in and out of your lungs, the pleasure from exhausted leg muscles as you top out on a crest-this is what biking is should be about. Not squirming and writhing on your seat trying to reduce the burning pain or numbness spreading down your legs. That is the stuff that happens when you are riding on a stuff and unforgiving seat.
I know, I have been there…
Read on and enjoy the trails with Jonathan as he takes us out on a winter ride in Twin Falls Idaho!

Jonathan Ingraham

Jonathan Ingraham
Photo by Drew Nash

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