The Idaho Statesman recently reviewed the Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle on their website, along with a video of me (Jeri – Founder of RideOut Technologies) explaining what makes this seat the most comfortable mountain bike saddle ever invented!
Check out the video below:

A mountain biker himself, Chadd Cripe of The Idaho Statesman told me “he hates his seat”. I offered him a solution, a mountain bike seat designed expressly to flex, mid-way between the horn and the rear of the seat. Hit a hard bump once on a standard seat and you will feel that pounding transferred from the wheel to the seat to your body. Watch the video here that Chadd made as I try to demonstrate the flex. These Challenger seats behave very differently than the road bike seats as also shown. The road bike seats flex from side to side which means the pressure from the seat to your backside gives way a bit with each peddle stroke, hence you don’t get constricted blood vessels and don’t get uncomfortable.

View the full article on the Idaho Statesman’s website here.

The story of our comfortable mountain bike saddle has been making the rounds across the country, featured in news outlets such as the Bellingham Herald in Washington and FLKeys News in Southern Florida. Why is the story being reprinted so often? Because bike seats don’t discriminate, they make dang near everyone miserable. A comfortable bike seat, that is news!
Even more recent reprints!
Tri-City Herald in Kennewick, WA
Centre Daily – State College, PA
The Sacramento Bee – Sacramento, CA

OutdoorsNW Editor John "Raz" Rezell recently reviewed the Ride Out Tech Challenger…

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