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At RideOut we strive to make you comfortable and happy. Whether you’re looking for the best long distance touring seat, a comfortable commuter seat or a comfortable mountain bike seat, we are here to help.

This depends on your riding style, bike type, sex and weight. Let’s start with the specification page.


The Green Carbon Comfort is best for hybrid, commuting or any bike where the handle bars are equal to or slightly higher than the height of the seat. This unisex seat is also ideal for long distance riding. One thing female customer tell me all the time is, no need for padded bike shorts with this seat. Yea! no more sweaty diapers! This seat is not for mountain biking. All riders should be 175 lbs. or less.

Our Pink Seat, the Best Bike Seat for Women, is specific for women riders over 175 lbs. If you are right on the border weight wise, go for the Green Carbon Comfort.

The Storm Quest, our all black tactical seat, was first developed for police. It is our second most popular seat because men over 175 lbs. love this saddle. Beefier than the Carbon Comfort and built with male specific paddling and wicking. What does that mean? University testing proves there is no pressure under the prostrate nerve. One Doctor from Oregon wrote me stating he believed that by riding this seat and getting good exercise without nerve pressure has lowered his PSA. We can’t prove that: but we can prove you will not have urogenital pressure with this seat. The cooling channel in the center of the seat and the wicking Kevlar center inset moves moisture away and cools the rider. The side panels of Kevlar mean the seat can take the wear and tare without showing any damage. This is a great seat for men doing long distance rides.

Challenger-the Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Saddle -Ever- is our newest seat. Reviewed, appreciated, endorsed and ridden by magazine editors and professional writers this seat is optimized for a bike where the handle bars are straight or nearly straight. If you are shredding the trails or taking a leisurely ride with the kids, do it in comfort. This seat has the softest, most padded seat of all we make.

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At the University of Wisconsin and Boise State University as well as private engineering firms.

Over half of the bikes sold in the USA are “mountain bike” design. If you like the traditional looks of the Challenger and need comfort-this is for you.

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