Bike Smarts Reviews the Firefly Turn Signal Bike Grips

Firefly Turn Signal Bike Grips Review

Most consumers don’t realize the editor reviews in a magazine are typically paid product placement. In other words when a magazine has a “Editor Picks” page, those are, generally, paid for by the manufacture, anywhere from $5000 and up to be spotlighted in a major industry magazine. We at RideOut don’t do that. Our reviews in blogs, digital magazines and good old fashioned periodicals are there because the editor choose to highlight the product due to the merit of the item. We are always honored when our line of bike items are reviewed and now feel particularly grateful for a review from the international bicycle blogger, out of Vancouver Canada.

The author mentions his near misses with autos and I myself have been hit by a car while biking. It stinks, the bicyclist will always be on the losing end when it comes to automobile collisions. The best way to keep safe is be seen. As the author put it “I’m a fan of any piece of gear that improves your visibility and safety…it was an easy yes from me. Yep, they’re grips with a signal light that you can control.”
When we see words like “excellent”  and “noticeably premium” we know our work to get this product on the market to you was worth it. Be Seen and Keep Safe.

See the full review on here.

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