KIVI TV Features RideOut Tech on Made in Idaho Series

Josephine Cochrane

KIVITV’s Jillian Garrigues decided to run a story on RideOut for a couple of reasons. First she wanted to highlight a local Idaho business that is owned and operated by a woman.  Women-owned business make up about 36% of all businesses in the US. The majority of these businesses are in the service industry. It is rare for women to be owners of manufacturing businesses.  It is unusual for women to hold patents as well. One of the very first women to hold a patent was Josephine Garis Cochrane who was tired of her servants chipping her fine china and hence invented the Garis-Cochrane dishwashing machine in 1886. Eventually, she sold that patent to Hobart/Amana.  Another famous woman inventor is Stephanie Kwolek, who in 1965 invented Kevlar. We use Kevlar on the sides of our Carbon Comfort seats and the Storm Quest seat because it prevents the sides of the seat from being damaged when you lean the bike against a rough surface. I feel honored to be a part of that group.

A second reason for doing this story is super simple, she knows that if you don’t have a comfortable bike seat, you will not ride…

Lastly, both she and I agree, the world is a little more peaceful when you ride a bike.


You can also check out the interview and article on KIVITV’s site here.

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