OutdoorsNW Editor John “Raz” Rezell recently reviewed the Ride Out Tech Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle on a video. This is a fun video to watch as he speeds down a rough and rugged Pacific Northwest trail with our new seat Challenger!

Gear Review: Ride Out Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle

I really liked this quote, “If you’ve ever searched desperately for a bike saddle that’s perfectly suited for your body, you know not to judge a seat by its looks.”
He is correct, the Challenger looks a bit different and it certainly has a thicker profile meaning you’ll have to drop your seat post a bit to fit it to your bike. What is also clear and John mentions as well, is that the seat is designed to give the rider full control offering a stable but forgiving platform. When you forget about the seat, it is doing its job.

Read the full review at Outdoors NW online here!

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