Best Mountain Bike Seat for 2018

Best Mountain Bike Seat for 2018 - Outdoors NW

Wow! We are honored, Gear of the Year!  There are a ton of seats on the market and to be selected we can’t help but say, gee, thanks!

OutdoorsNW Magazine

It is always hard to be a little different as Malcom Gladwell explains in the Tipping Point, for a product to be accepted when you are the first of its kind on the market, you have to be really, really, good. To use an often-over-used phase(s), we really tried to break the mold and think out-of-the-box on this saddle. A comfortable mountain bike seat used to be an oxymoron; not anymore! Your search ends here. Regardless of all the reviews, you will not know the difference until you ride it yourself. So, leave appearance aside and try one. You have nothing to lose with our 30-day comfort guarantee.

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Learn more about the Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle Here!

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