Bicycle Seat Specifications

RideOut Technologies’ Product Specifications and Rider/Saddle Weight Guidelines

Use this chart to find the best seat match for you. If you have any questions or need help picking the right seat, don’t hesitate to contact us for help in finding the best seat for you and your riding style. If you need help mounting and fitting your RideOut Technologies seat, please see our Bicycle Seats Fitting Page.

SeatWeightLengthWidthRider Weight
Green13.4 oz7.5"8.75"All riders up to 175lbs (including youth)
Pink14 oz7.5"8.75"Women above 175lbs
Storm Quest14.5 oz7.5"8.75"Male riders above 175lbs
Challenger15 oz8.75"6.75"
Horn 1.75"
All riders below 270lbs
Urban Bag5 oz3.25"3.5"Fits all RideOut seats
Firefly Grips8 oz6.25"OD 1.25"
ID 22mm
Fits all straight bars w/22mm I.D.
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