The MOST Comfortable Mountain Bike Saddle
The Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Saddle - The Challenger
Carbon Comfort
A New Era in Bike Seat Comfort
Carbon Comfort Bike Seat - The Most Comfortable Bike Seat
Storm Quest
COMFORT. All Day. Every Day.
Storm Quest Comfortable Bike Seat for All Day Comfort
Pink Carbon Comfort
The BEST Bike Seat for Women
The Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Women - The Pink Carbon Comfort
Firefly Bike Grips
Bike Grip Comfort Meets Safety
Firefly Comfortable Turn Signal Bike Grips
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You’ve found the Most Comfortable Bike Seat!

A Comfortable Bike Seat Makes All the Difference…

A poorly designed bike seat can become an instrument of agony…
The Carbon Comfort line of bicycle seats starts with an entirely different design. First, under the seat, between the rails and the seat top, is a base platform of infused carbon fiber that allows the seat to absorb road shock and flex to the rider’s movements. This dynamic seat is slightly wider at the back, supporting your body by the sit-bones where you can comfortably rest instead of your crouch. Also, the smaller, narrower horn means no chaffing on the inside of your thighs. University testing proves there in no nerve pressure, so your legs and other body parts will not “go numb”. No padded bike shorts are needed with these seats for a bad design padded is still a bad design and will still leave you uncomfortable!
Ask yourself: Isn’t it time to stop riding in pain and ride the most comfortable bike seat?

Choose Your Comfortable Bike Seat

Are You Ready For a More Comfortable Bike Seat?

RideOut Technologies

We did not take the task of creating the most comfortable bike seat lightly.
RideOut Technologies set out to create a seat that would change a riders relationship with their bike for the better. This meant developing a seat that could be ridden for long distances without the pain, chaffing and numbness associated with most bike seats. Countless studies have been done on the subject of bike seat comfort, however we couldn’t find a single seat that applied the available data and technology in a way that answered the age-old question for all bike riders: Why is my butt so sore?

Learn What the Science Says About a Comfortable Bike Seat:

Biking Health Benefits

Biking on a regular basis is an awesome way to incorporate fresh air into your cardiovascular routine. Your new comfortable bike seat will make it easier to navigate bumpy trails and city streets. Spending time outside exploring nature is simply good for your soul and your overall health. During physical exercise, positive endorphins are released within your brain, leaving you feeling healthier and happier all around. Build up your stamina, tone your main muscle groups and improve your cardiovascular capacity by enjoying your bike more than ever before, thanks to your new awesome bike seat!

Positive Environmental Impact of Bike Riding

One of the best things about riding your bike is that it is a completely green form of transportation. You are not releasing any harmful emissions into the atmosphere as you pedal your way through your day. Being environmentally conscious and utilizing your bike as a main mode of transportation is much easier when you are riding in comfort. Your new comfortable bike seat just may inspire you to bike to work once a week instead of driving or taking public transportation. Challenge your friends to use their bike or outfit your family’s bikes with more comfortable bike seats and head out after supper around the block instead of watching TV. Start out small and commit to making a lifestyle change that benefits you, your family and our planet.

Bike Seat Comfort: An Essential Part of the Happiness Equation

A comfortable bike seat can make all the difference when it comes to how often you ride. When you are feeling comfortable while riding your bike, you enjoy yourself more. Being able to enjoy the scenery and having fun while you exercise on your bike is much nicer than focusing on how numb your bottom has become from an ill-fitting seat. It is much easier to commit to riding your bike when you don’t have to deal with soreness and chafing issues for days afterwards. You will be more apt to use your bike as a tool to help you get into shape and stay in shape when you feel good riding it.

Ready to Ride the Most Comfortable Bike Seat?

News & Reviews

Read and watch videos of the latest news and reviews from major media outlets, biking magazines & bloggers who can’t help but say, “This is the most comfortable bike seat.”

Video Gallery

Watch videos about RideOut Technologies comfortable bike seats. We have videos produced by RideOut Tech as well as third party reviewers that praise the design & comfort of our bike seats.

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