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RideOut Technologies founder Jeri Rutherford knows her bikes and loves a comfortable bike seat! She has traveled the world and a bike of some sort is never far. Follow her biking and travel adventures as she documents her two wheeled and two legged escapades.

Homemade Hard Fruit Cider
One of the best things about a long hard bike ride...
Mountain Bike Morel Mushroom Hunting
It is spring in western Montana. The soil is still...
Grand Canyon Rim Trail Hiking
Every part of my body was screaming…my knees ached,...
Wood Bike Hanger for Bicycle Storage
There was a cascading crash coming from the garage...
Magic Valley Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle Review
He said,  “I am totally…hooked! I didn’t...
California Seal Surfing Wave


I am in northern California, playing. Hiking and biking in the Redwoods, enjoying stunning, dry, late September weather along the seashore. This part of the

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Cycling the Redwood Forest

Cycling the Redwoods

Cycling the Redwoods requires strength, stamina and most of all, fearless fortitude! These roads around Jedediah Smith, Mill Creek, Elk Prairie parks are stunning roads

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"Colored Cowboy" George Fletcher Statue in Pendleton, Oregon

Living a Good life

Oregon has always been a bit ahead of its time. It was one of the first states to require bottle deposits, recycling and construction of

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RideOut Technologies - Biking on the River

Stumbling Along

For me, biking provides a time to clear my head. There is something about your legs and hands being engaged, rolling down the road, while

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Petting a Gray Whale and Calf


Sometimes when I see pictures like this I get really depressed. As both a sailor, scuba diver and bicyclist, I “see” a lot of the

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