Wood Bike Holder

Wood Bike Hanger for Bicycle Storage

There was a cascading crash coming from the garage followed by a groan. Opening the door to investigate, the scene played out. My husband, while taking the garbage out had caught the handle of a bike by accident, as it tipped over, so did the next bike and the next bike and in a domino effect, all seven bikes were sprawled out across the floor along with the associated helmets, gloves, locks etc. all.  I have five bikes, (a road bike, a fat tire, a cross bike, a tandem…hey, a girl cannot have too many bikes okay!) and my husband owns two. Seven bikes is a bit to store and this was not the first time that they had been knocked over. Yet I saw by the look on his face that it was time to find a better solution.

RideOut Wood Bike Holder Mounted

Hence, I contacted a wood artisan from Eugene Oregon and asked him to create a solution for me. The requirements were straight forward. Make it solid and strong, no pressed or particle wood and make it attractive, like a piece of furniture. This artisan, who creates gallery quality work was happy to oblige.

Handmade Bike Holder to Hang Bicycles

The result is great, a Wood Bike Holder that accommodates the bike, gloves, lock and helmet all into an attractive, functional, neat and clean space. These holders are shipped to you sanded and smooth ready for the finish of your choice or you may leave them natural, as is. Here is mine, stained a light blue (my favorite color). It is wonderful to have the bikes off the floor and a clear and open garage.

RideOut Bike Storage Hanger

Having the holder made like a quality piece of furniture allows you to mount it anywhere; home, apartment or office. Anywhere you need a bit of extra space.

Specifications:Outside Dimensions: 13in. x 13in. x 8in. Weight: 4 lbs.
Learn more and get yours here!


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  1. Jeri Rutherford, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

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