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RideOut Technologies founder Jeri Rutherford knows her bikes and loves a comfortable bike seat! She has traveled the world and a bike of some sort is never far. Follow her biking and travel adventures as she documents her two wheeled and two legged escapades.

Biking and Brews

One of the best things about a long hard bike ride is getting off the bike. Regardless of how comfortable your seat is. It is great to stop. The primary reason being, you now get to eat…and drink. I have always used biking as part of my method of weight control....

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Goal met!

Goal met! Waihi to Te Oraha to Waimato Falls   Like many countries, New Zealand is promoting bike tourism and, to...

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I Left My Heart in Whangaroa   We have arrived in the “Far North” as natives call it; we’re back on our bikes...

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We packed early to try and beat the winds, but by 7 AM, the wind was back full force. Our most welcoming hosts in...

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