Green Carbon Comfort Bike Seat


This is the comfortable bike seat that started it all! The Carbon Comfort is radically different than other bicycle seats with its patented “crossbow suspension”, this saddle is designed for every day, all day comfort. We stand behind our words with a 30 day “love it” comfort guarantee.

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The Most Comfortable Bike Seat - Carbon Comfort
Green Carbon Comfort Bike Seat $93.00

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The Comfortable Bike Seat That Launched a Revolution

This is more than just a comfortable bike seat, this seat is optimized for a bike where the handle bars are equal to or higher than the height of the seat. In other words, this seat is built for commuting, touring and hybrid bikes. Utilizing infused carbon fiber in the base plate allows the saddle to conform and flex to the rider, thus absorbing road shock and chatter.

The Invention of the Carbon Comfort Bicycle Seat

The Carbon Comfort is lightweight and comes with a built-in bag clip. You’ll find this to be your best choice for a comfortable bike seat. RideOut bike seats… buy one for comfort, ride it for Life.

  • Eliminates numbness, chaffing and discomfort
  • Less than 395 grams
  • Kevlar reinforced cover
  • 30-Day comfort guarantee
  • Separate plates allow air flow to keep rider cool
  • Sewn-in retro-reflective rear patch for safety.

Additional information

Weight 13.4 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 8.75 in






Rider Weight

All Riders up to 175lbs (Including Youth)

15 reviews for Green Carbon Comfort Bike Seat

  1. David A.

    Green Carbon Comfort bike seat is the bomb. I do urban riding here in Phoenix and there are plenty of concrete and asphalt trails to cruise, and this seat made my riding enjoyable, after a sore rear from other seats I finally found the dream seat that makes me want to ride. If you want to lose the sore bottom invest in this seat, you and your…will be very happy.

    • Jeri Rutherford (verified owner)

      Hey David,
      Thanks for the note, so glad you like the seat!

  2. Rick

    I purchased this saddle quite some time ago, as I was desperate to find a comfortable bike saddle. When I tried it, I was disappointed, so I put it aside and did not use it. I recently flew to Europe with my bicycle and I decided since this saddle is lighter than the stock one, I would take it, it can’t be worse than the stock saddle. I adjusted the angle of the saddle to its most comfortable position and packed my bike for the 3 week trip through 2 regions of France. On my first 2 full days of riding, my impression of the saddle had not changed, however, as I continued my journey, day after day, the saddle seemed to get more comfortable. I don’t know if there’s a “break-in” period, but for me, the saddle’s comfort became apparent. I really appreciated the slight flexing from the carbon “bow” which supports the saddle. After a few days in the saddle, I no longer had any doubts about it and was very glad to have used it on my bike. I rode in comfort thanks to RideOut Technologies saddle.

    • Jeri Rutherford (verified owner)

      Hi Rick,
      Thank you for the note. Typically folks are comfortable “right out of the box”, but I’m glad you gave the seat a second try. Adjusting this seat to your body is a big key to comfort. The biggest factor is getting the seat low enough so that you can sit well on the top surface. Thanks again for your thoughts. Jeri

  3. Hank from New York (verified owner)

    There is just nothing as comfortable as these seats!

  4. D. Wilson (verified owner)

    I am so grateful for my Carbon Comfort seat. I am glad my husband relayed to you the problems I had with my bike seat. I had completely given up cycling due to the discomfort. Your design is incredible and I love your product!

  5. Marnie C. from Montana (verified owner)

    I LOVE my Green Carbon Comfort seat and use it on my mountain bike. My weight now rides on my sit-bones instead of where weight should never be placed. Growing weary or sore from a ride now has nothing to do with an uncomfortable seat. There is no-discomfort from this seat at all! I highly recommend it.

  6. Joe from Fort Collins (verified owner)

    This is definitely the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever owned!

  7. Sarah A. (verified owner)

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for your innovation.
    I love the comfort seat. For the first time EVER I do not
    have ANY discomfort in butt or back while riding. This
    seat has me riding more and longer. Can’t wait to share
    this awesome product information with my biking friends.
    Loving it!!!!

  8. Annie F. (verified owner)

    I loved the Green seat so much I went back and bought the handlebar grips as well!

  9. Meg F. (verified owner)

    Jeri I love your seat ( bought it for a white rim trail about 4 years ago).

  10. Pete W. (verified owner)

    I ride this seat and it is the most comfortable seat I have found.

  11. Gary C. (verified owner)

    I own 2 of your saddles. Best thing I have found for saddle relief.

  12. Michael S. MD (verified owner)

    I love your seat…my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) dropped a full point after one year of use.

  13. Jan from Gig Harbor (verified owner)

    Before children, I used to bike frequently. I accepted numbness and pain in the nether regions as an unavoidable consequence. I had tried multiple seats, including one that was almost as wide as a couch cushion! I recently visited a good friend (sans kiddos) and she insisted I ride with her. The bike she lent me was equipped with a RideOut saddle (because in her words, “my friends deserve nothing but the best”). I hesitantly agreed to a 25 mile ride. I must say, after we were through, while almost every part of me was aching from exertion by backside was neither numb nor sore! Excellent product!

  14. Jim H.

    Hello Jeri!
    I gave the Green Carbon a real try, last weekend. I must say it was the best ride ever on that bike! I thought I?d just give it a short test ride; but ended up doing my entire 27 mile regular route! And it was just as good again today! You?ve really got something good cooking there! I only regret not discovering Ride Out sooner! (To bad we are at winters door. It got to only 40 deg.F high temperature here today) As for the Fireflys they are working fine now. I only need to get in the habit of using them! Congratulations for designing and marketing great stuff! Jim H

  15. André Rozon

    Pain can be a powerful reminder. I know this very well. Saddle pain has sometimes undermined some of my wonderful cycle touring experiences. I usually ride around 3000 to 6000 kilometers a year. This includes daily commuting, frequent weekend getaways and bicycle adventure travel. At age 50, I’ve tried at least one or two dozens of saddles. At best, these saddles would start hurting me after 80 km or so. On long trips, climbing back on the saddle the next morning was a constant reminder of yesterdays hardships on my rear. This has all dramatically changed now that I pedal with a Rideout saddle! No more pain… ever! The saddle does feel « different ». But there are no obvious pressure points. And the small horn/nose helps me keep control for quick manoeuvres.

    Research and effort are built right in this wonderful piece of mobile comfort. Many of my friends now ride on Rideout. You should too!

    André Rozon | travailleur social

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