The BEST Bike Seat for Women


Based on the design of the legendary RideOut Technologies carbon fiber design, the Pink Carbon comfort is specifically built to be the best bike seat for women weighing over 175lbs. This stylish bike seat is perfect for commuting, long-distance or everyday riding.

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Pink Carbon Comfort - The Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Women
The BEST Bike Seat for Women $99.75

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Presenting the BEST Bike Seat for Women!

Designed exclusively with women riders in mind, the Pink Carbon Comfort bicycle seat utilizes the same infused carbon fiber suspension and chromyl rails as its predecessor. Radically different from other bicycle seats, this saddle is optimized for the commuting, touring, cruising and hybrid bike. Utilizing an infused carbon fiber in the base plate, this comfortable seat conforms and flexes to the rider, absorbing road shock and chatter.

Ride n Coffee, Ladies Comfort Bike Seat by RideOut Technologies

The patented, “crossbow”  design has been endorsed by Doctors, industry professionals and individuals like you.  Wider in back and narrower in front, this seat holds you the way your body was meant to be supported. Plus you can leave those padded bike shorts behind and let the most comfortable saddle ever designed for women support you the way you were meant to be!

In addition to a great design, the Pink Carbon Comfort has safety built in! Retro Reflective 3M fabric is sewn into the back to increase rider visibility. Kevlar side panels protect the seat from damage.

  • Eliminates numbness, chafing, friction and discomfort
  • Light weight and high performance, Less than 395 grams
  • Kevlar reinforced cover
  • Comfort guarantee
  • Separate plates allow air flow to keep rider cool, cooler skin temperatures keeps us comfy.
  • Suspension built from infused Carbon Fiber for a truly comfortable ride
  • Comfy and stylish
  • The separate sub-base plate keeps the rider cool
  • Seat flexes with each peddle stroke
  • Firmer Ride

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Rider Weight

Women Riders Above 175lbs

6 reviews for The BEST Bike Seat for Women

  1. M. Hyton, Ohio (verified owner)

    I applaud you for your business endeavors and your intentions of saving our planet one behind at a time.

  2. JD (verified owner)

    I rarely write to a manufacturer about a product, but since I just ordered my third Carbon Comfort seat I thought I should take the time.
    I started cycling almost three years ago with a ‘comfort’ bike. Within six months I had outgrown that bike and bought my first ‘big girl’ road bike. The saddle was horrible – I tried getting a fitting at my LBS, padded shorts, etc. Nothing worked – I was still in pain and didn’t want to ride anymore. I remembered an article from a year before that ran in our local paper, so I tracked down your web site and ordered the pink seat. I ditched the padded shorts and I now ride 100 miles per week on the pink seat wearing yoga capris. I have taken 50 mile rides and not once have I even thought about the seat.
    Recently I bought a new commuter/cyclocross bike and a new road bike. The commuter is outfitted with the green seat, and as soon as it arrives the road bike will have the new pink one. I was glad to see that our LBS is now carrying your product – they were quite curious to know how I liked the seat when I brought my bike in for service (I said that I love it and that it changed my life).

  3. Johnny (verified owner)

    Thank you!!! your product delivered as promised, after trying out 5 different seats for my wive’s bike at the local bike shop, and having her “backside” hurting for several days after a 15 mile bike ride. I did some research and decided to give you a call (talked to Jeri personally) and all I can say is problem solved…
    Thank You for making a good product that delivers!!

  4. Mrs. Sandra from Australia (verified owner)

    I LOVE the (pink) seat!

  5. Fran S. (verified owner)

    I love my Carbon Comfort, 5 stars!

  6. Jan Dempsey

    I have this on each of my bikes and love it! I recently sold one of my bikes to a friend who insisted on getting the seat with the sale. So I’m buying a replacement for my new commuter bike. No need for a chamois – I ride over 100 miles a week in yoga capris. It does take a bit of adjusting to get the position and angle right but once you have that down you won’t even notice the saddle. I have them on two road bikes and a cyclocross bike.

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