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Introducing the one-of-a-kind FireFly Contour Bike Grips with Built in LED Turn Signal indicator lights from RideOut Technologies.  These comfortable handlebar grips decrease fatigue and allow you to ride longer while the 3-position LED lights allow you to ride safer!

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Firefly Contour Bike Grips with LED Turn Signals

These ergonomic bike grips will help to reduce rider fatigue by keeping the rider’s wrist straighter. With straighter wrists, blood circulation to the hands is increased. Also the wider grip size means your hands can rest in a more natural position. Most users report an overall reduction in arm, shoulder and neck fatigue after switching to the FireFly grips. These ultra comfortable grips feature a locking screw to firmly hold the grips in place once installed and won’t twist over time like many other contour grips.

Jesse tests bicycle turn signals KING5 com Seattle3 NBC

Be seen and be safe with these turn signal bike grips!
Unique to the RideOut Technologies line of comfortable bike products, the Firefly bike grips are the first ever bike grips with built in LED turn signals. A push button under the rider’s thumb turns the flashing lights on. This enables the riders to signal lane changes while still holding onto the handle bars. Lights are visible from three directions.

These grips are a must have for any urban commuter, nighttime rider and are an essential accessory for any child’s bike that features straight 22mm ID handlebars.

  • Ergonomic bicycle handle bar grips with built-in turn signal indicator lights
  • Turn signal lights visible from front, side and behind the rider
  • Lights turn on with the push of a button and turn off automatically after 30 seconds
  • Bright LED amber lights allow the ride to indicate turns without letting go of the handlebars
  • Be Seen and Be Safe, endorsed by police
  • Very easy to install on your bike
  • Shockproof, weather proof and UV resistant, soft padded rubber
  • Fits 22 mm, (9/10 inch)  diameter bars or standard straight bars

Be comfortable, be seen, be safe and go farther with these contoured turn signal bike grips!

Boise Woman Invents Safety Equipment for Bikes, handle bar grips with turn signals Health Link

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OD: 1.25" ID: 22mm

Handlebar Size

Fits All Straight Bars w/22mm ID

1 review for Firefly Bike Grips

  1. Henry R.

    Yes, these grips are very comfortable.
    The reason I thought I’d give them a try is because of the turn signals, but was a bit skeptical. They arrived fast and installed easily, but the kicker was how bright these suckers are! I bike-commute to work during the warmer months (when there is no snow) and I do feel better using these when riding to and from work in the early hours of dawn. (My shift starts at 6:am!)
    Thanks for this cool idea. If I had kids, I would make sure they were on every bike they fit on!

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