Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle


Finally, a comfortable, light weight mountain bike saddle is here. Unique and one of a kind, this saddle is designed to absorb bumps by slightly “giving way” or flexing under the rider in the mid-point between the horn and the rear of the seat. You will only notice this flex after a ride when you step off and say, “Man, this was the most comfortable mountain bike saddle I have ever been on”.

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The Challenger - Comfortable Mountain Bike Saddle
Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle $107.75

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Ready for a Comfortable Mountain Bike Saddle?

How do you build the most comfortable mountain bike saddle ever? Start with a new way of thinking.  For a saddle to be truly comfortable it must “disappear” under the rider. Specifically, the rider should be concentrating on the terrain, the trail, the view or perhaps their beating heart, but not the seat! That only happens when the seat is so adaptive and comfortable we can forget about it. At RideOut, we have made that happen with a suspension platform of modern materials and a patented design.

Ride the River trail, shred the single track or just get about town in comfort on your Challenger mountain bike saddle.
We guarantee you’ll love it! Really, we actually do with our 30 Day Comfort Guarantee!

  • Only 390 grams
  • Exclusive mid-horn flex
  • Rugged, all-weather vinyl cover
  • Bio-density foam to pad the spots you need
  • Comes with a built-in bag clip
  • 30 day comfort

Additional information


395 Grams (15oz)




Seat: 6.75" Horn: 1.75"

Rider Weight

All riders below 270lbs

10 reviews for Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    I spoke with Jeri and ultimately bought two. One for me and one for my wife to go on our trek stache 5 bikes. It was a little weird getting us to a the shadow is slightly different from what I was used too. It was more comfortable right away than the stock seat. Within a few rides, and a few adjustments I will say that this is the most comfortable bike seat I’ve ridden. I have about 125 miles on it now and all I can say is its great. Very comfortable both on bike paths (paved) and mountain bike trails (dirt, rock and technical)

    • Dylan Curtis

      Hi Brian, I’m so happy to hear you and your wife are enjoying your new seats. We hear from many customers that initially the seat feels strange, and then within a few rides it feels super comfortable. One customer compared it to a great pair of cowboy boots. Out of the box the boots are a bit stiff, then within a few wears, they feel like they were tailor made for your feet. Happy riding!

  2. Peter S.

    Let me tell you I really love this challenger mountain bike saddle seat! I’m keeping it for good. Awesome product by far. Look forward on purchasing other products in the near future.

    • Jeri Rutherford (verified owner)

      Thank you Peter!

  3. Rick H.

    Jeri, Amy I and I just started riding. Thank you again for the seats. We enjoy riding so much more now!

  4. Chris L.

    Hi Jeri, I just tried out my new saddle. My behind is happy after an initial 35-mile ride. I swapped out my Bontrager Evoke 2 for your RideOut mountain bike saddle. The new saddle is short (in length) compared to what I’m used to. It took some getting used to, and I’m still getting used to it, but I like it. I do like to move fore and aft while riding, so the new, shorter length is something I’m adjusting to. The saddle is not very slippery, so sliding up and back is not too easy, but perhaps that is part of the equation. Grippier fabric perhaps used to help keep rider’s butt planted in the position selected. Lifting some weight will re-positioning certainly helped, so that may just be a riding adjustment that I will be making.
    I only rode it on pretty flat terrain on pavement, so I’m curious to see how it is on tight single track and how it is when I want to climb aggressively.
    I used the saddle on my electric mountain bike. It is a size large, and I was able to lower my dropper seat post enough to utilize it. On my regular mountain bike (non-electric) I’m not sure if the RideOut saddle will work. I will check it out, but I’m not sure if I can drop that dropper post enough. We will see. Regardless, its a good fit for me on the eMTB I’m using.
    Do you know if the bracket on the back of the bike accommodates any gear other than your urban touring bag? Wondering if it is a universal female unit that might accommodate other components, or if it is specific to your brand of gear only.
    Thanks for a cool product. Best, Chris

    • Jeri Rutherford (verified owner)

      I am so glad your behind is happy! That makes for a great ride. I am unaware of any other manufactures using that clip besides RideOut.

  5. A. Vargas

    I received today the Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle… and now after my kids tested out they wanted one each for their bikes, so I need two more Mountain Bike saddles.
    Amazing product you have developed!!! best bicycle saddle in the world.

    • Jeri Rutherford (verified owner)

      Thank you Angel, I am glad you and your kids are all happy with your Challenger saddles!

  6. David H.

    I love the fit, feel and finish of the Challenger

  7. Glenn B.

    I love my new Challenger seat!

  8. TonyKaily G.

    From Australia, love the comfort of the Challenger and my backside can vouch for it. Awesome seat.

  9. Mark V.

    Finally did the swap Trek Farley 7 Fatbike with Challenger Ride Out and RideOut bag ……looks sweet!

  10. FlatMatt

    Love this Mountain Bike Saddle! The extra-long horn offers the control I was missing on my favorite Montana single tracks and my but doesn’t get sore if I feel like sitting and climbing a hill in high gear!

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