Imortant Rear Bike Safety Light

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

It’s that time of the year again when you’re riding home in the dark on your bike commute. A rear light is important for safety.
I’ve got a Carbon Comfort bicycle seat, which takes a RideOut Technologies Urban Touring Bag. The bag also has a safety light built into the rear panel of the bag. What’s cool is that it’s a fixture on the touring bag and you don’t worry about it falling off, like with other rear lights that clip to your bike.
The Urban Touring Bag can hold a wallet, car keys, cell phone, money and credit cards. I’ve got mine packed with a bike lock and tire inflator with a CO2 cartridge and bike tool.
The Urban Touring Bag may be purchased separately or in combination with Carbon Comfort bike saddles.

Idaho Statesman, November 20th, 2012

Throughout the entire existence of the bicycle, inventors have been trying to…

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