Homemade Hard Fruit Cider

Biking and Brews

One of the best things about a long hard bike ride is getting off the bike. Regardless of how comfortable your seat is. It is great to stop. The primary reason being, you now get to eat…and drink. I have always used biking as part of my method of weight control. Biking is a terrific […]

Mountain Bike Morel Mushroom Hunting

Stalking Morels via Mountain bike

It is spring in western Montana. The soil is still moist from recent rains and the winter snowpack. Cheery green shoots of grasses are just popping up. Brilliant white Trilliums and golden yellow Glacier lilies grace the shadowed forest floor. I have come to hunt the elusive, “Gold in them thar’ hills”, Morels! Timing in […]

Grand Canyon Rim Trail Hiking

The Value of Good Gear

Every part of my body was screaming…my knees ached, I couldn’t seem to quench my thirst. I just wanted to stop, yet I could not. As you hike down from the rim of the Grand Canyon, there is a sign which reads, “Going down is optional, hiking up is Mandatory”. The rangers who posted that […]

Wood Bike Hanger for Bicycle Storage

Wood Bike Holder

There was a cascading crash coming from the garage followed by a groan. Opening the door to investigate, the scene played out. My husband, while taking the garbage out had caught the handle of a bike by accident, as it tipped over, so did the next bike and the next bike and in a domino […]

Magic Valley Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle Review

Magic Valley Challenger Mountain Bike Saddle Review

He said,  “I am totally…hooked! I didn’t even know that I was uncomfortable with my old seat until I got on this one.” Jonathan is a classic mountain biker, 6’2″ and 175 lbs. Formally, he was a mountain bike guild in the Italian Alps. He is not the person typically looking for a “comfort” seat […]

Bicycling Weight Loss in Margaritaville

Bicycling and Weight Loss

Over half of Americans (51%) say they want to lose weight. Weight loss is the number one New Year’s resolution…

Why Are Bike Seats So Painful?

Why do bike seats hurt so much?

That is a great question! It is also a complicated question with complex answers which we will tackle one at a time. First, let’s look at the physics of our body on a bike and then examine what makes for a comfortable bicycle saddle or bike seat. Pain Caused by the Bike: Question 1: Are […]

Mountain Biking Haul Road in Montana

Biking Logging Roads of Montana

It is cold, the last days of October in Montana and a heavy white frost sits outside. 
I wake to the sounds of my husband in the kitchen as he raises the espresso maker to life. He brings a steaming cup to the bedside, yet I am still unwilling to open my eyes. I hear […]

Crescent Beach Bike Camp

A Most Frightening Nighttime Visitor

I woke, desperately needing to relieve my very full bladder. The phone tells me it is 5:08. Yet the dawn air, heavy with fog is cold and I hesitated to leave my warm bag. My body is telling me to get up- yet I resist. The restroom is 70 feet from the tent and I […]

Holland Hills Drive Bike Ride

Boy Scout Tree Hike

Redwood National and State and states parks are in northern California and are a conglomeration of lands that were established 50 years ago. After more than 95% of the original old-growth redwoods had been logged at the beginning of the 1900’s, three major stands of magnificent trees were purchased by private citizens or privately funded […]

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