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Comfortable Bike Seats

Biking the World’s Most Dangerous Road

Make sure you have a comfortable bike seat for this amazing ride.

La Paz, Bolivia

This road rises from the head waters of the Amazon, crosses the pass known as “the Eyebrows of God” to the highest capital city in the world. A gravel road cut into an ever eroding cliff side, no markers, no guard rails, no sidewalls, just a single lane road which carries trucks, overloaded buses and semi’s both ways.   Accidents and tragedy strike often on this road, with cars, bikes or buses losing out to the semi’s and toppling over the cliff, Which is why it is called the world’s most dangerous road. It is also sheer, unadulterated, adrenaline-laden FUN!

I biked this a few years ago, one starts at 16,000 feet beside glacial ice and ends in a rainforest jungle filled with monkeys and parrots dashing about amid coca bushes.

Jeri Rutherford

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