I spilt my time between Idaho, Montana and a sailboat in the Caribbean. Each “home” has at least one or two bikes.
On the sailboat is a folding bike I use while in port for trips to explore the island or bring back groceries. However, the roads of the Caribbean island are often narrow shoulder-less and always dangerous. And although the bike has a Carbon Comfort seat, the extreme upright geometry and small wheels means the bike itself is not very comfortable, so I don’t ride it very much.
In Montana is my aluminum touring bike with carbon fiber forks, it too holds a Carbon Comfort, in fact it this is the very first seat that was ever produced and is nine years old. This is the bike of choice when long distance and/or carrying packs are involved. For those long eight-hour days of road work, I couple this seat with a seat post shock.
The Boise garage host four bikes. A steel Cannondale tandem with a Storm Quest for my husband as he weighs in at 190 lbs. and another Carbon Comfort for me in addition a rear Urban Touring Bag.

My hard tail fat tire mountain bike carries a Challenger saddle for single track, sand and snow riding I do in the foothills of Idaho. Now my favorite bicycle is a carbon fiber frame that is a speed demon. Custom Road Bike from Rideout TechCouple this girl with the lightweight Pink Carbon Comfort and this baby can fly! Typically, the Pink Carbon Comfort is built for women above 175 pounds, but this seat had been customized with a lightweight base. This is something we do for customers upon request as all the Carbon Comfort’s have interchangeable bases.

RideOut Firefly Bicycle GripsAll these bikes also have the FireFly grips. Boise is growing rapidly, and the streets are congested. I have been hit by a car while riding so safety and being seen is paramount to me. In addition, the ergonomic design makes a real difference in shoulder and neck fatigue. Simply put, the more comfortable you are, the longer and more often you will ride. And that my friends, is the very reason I started RideOutTech.com.

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