Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Hot Springs R’ Us


11/26/14 –

hot springs 1Rotorua is the geothermal center of the New Zealand Universe, and we soaked it up!

Our ride took us along a hot spring trail. The prior day’s trek pushed us to our limits, and an easier day was in order; our muscles ached. On the positiv
e side, we didn’t have sore bums or wrists!  I really love the Carbon Comfort seat, and this was my first distance ride with the FireFly grips. I was surprised at how much less fatigued my wrists were with the ergonomic handlebar grips.

The springs are full of sulfur and hence smell a bit, but the water leaves your skin soft and smooth.

As a person inclined to a wide variety of hobbies, biking, scuba diving, canyoneering, dancing tango, and playing guitar to name a few, I have only one word of advice: Buy the very best stuff you can.

And as someone who has seen the insides of hospitals around the world, I offer the same advice: Buy the very best stuff you can.

Perhaps my multi-hobby addiction prevents me from getting really good at any one task or sport, but I do know that using sub-par equipment has been the cause of a large percentage of the injuries I’ve suffered over the course of my life.  I’m able to hop on my bike and ride 50 miles because I have a great seat and nice bike. I still waterski behind a very good boat on the very best skis I can find. The fun sports and activities that we love and become addicted to are the fountain of youth (well, that and a good hat).

A point of clarification, Good is not always the most expensive. However, you deserve to be comfortable and safe when you ride, or perform any activity. Take care of yourself.

The skinny of why we should ride bikes:

I have always believed that if we could make a more comfortable bike seat, we could change the world. The most common complaint among riders and non-riders is bike seat discomfort. The average car trip in the US is less than 5 miles; imagine the difference, politically, economically, environmentally and personally to our waist lines, it would make if we just rode those miles on a bike and not in a car. Well, I am doing that. I am a woman in my late 50s, and I decided to change my life, follow my ideas and invent simply the most comfortable bike seat there is.

There has been nothing easy about this journey, (developing a bike seat or cycling New Zealand), but it is one I believe in. It was on a long cross-state ride where I became so sore from riding, I ended up pushing my bike down a seemingly endless highway. After trying a full range of existing seats and realizing a design change was needed, I knew there had to be something better. So I went to work to build it. I also know there is nothing more empowering than being fit and healthy. Ray turns 55 in two weeks and I 57 in two months.  We are out: camping, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving and swimming, living a year-long adventure I have dreamed of for the last 20 years because we are healthy and fit enough to do it.

And speaking of multisport, New Zealand is famous for its canyoneering, so we hired equipment and guides to “show us the ropes” for a day of “hangin’ out” in the glow worm caves.


There in New Zealand, it was November 26th. Kiwi’s don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, however, I still wish to.

I am thankful for this beautiful earth and the marvels that take my breath away.
I am thankful for my family and friends, who enrich my life.
I am thankful from my health, with which I can enjoy the above.
I am thankful someone invented bikes.

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