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Glacier National Park Bike Riding

I LOVE the seat! Mrs. Sandra from Australia

Hi Jeri,

Just wanted you to let you know that the seat is awesome! My wife and her butt could not be happier 🙂




Thanks for the quick delivery of the Green Carbon bike seat.  Excellent customer service!

This is my second seat purchase of the Green Carbon model.  I’ve had my first seat a couple of years on my road bike and I wanted one for my other bike.

I’ve attached a picture of my first seat.  This picture was taken at Glacier National park.  One of the great joys of riding is to ride in Glacier when cars aren’t allowed.  I had a National park almost all to myself.  I’ve ridden the going-to-the sun highway when it is closed to vehicles both in the spring and in the fall.  I highly recommend it as it is only uphill one way and the coast down is breathtaking.

Thanks again!

Paul Z.

Hello, J R and team,

I am very impressed with my seat and the quality of construction materials. The weather is atrocious at the moment with high winds and buckets of rain, as soon as I can I will make my first ride on my new seat. Please accept my compliments on your customer feedback.

Best wishes to you and the team this xmas(DIU VIVAS)



The seat works very well for me. I use one in combination with a Thudbuster suspension. I will shortly be purchasing a Cane Creek suspension as well for another bike. The suspensions make a huge difference over rough roads.

Yours truly,


Customer Notes from Michael in Seattle
September 17, 2016

After a week the way I described it to a friend who was for years a professional road race bicycler, was like this; It’s not that its comfortable. It’s that it never gets uncomfortable! Which is really the key. I have found that bike seats that make you go Ahh. . . when you first sit on them, will start to cause distress a few miles later. But the Storm Quest, if you sit on it correctly, the balls of your hip joints on the wide lobes of the seat, you can go for many miles and not feel uncomfortable.

Also, I really think you are right on in your suggesting that the nose needs to be there, just not as prominent. The added sense of controlling the bike, perhaps not really tested unless you have an emergency, feels worth having.

Still, I’m pretty sure the Storm Quest is becoming my go-to seat. I just found myself switching it out today when I decided to ride my mountain bike instead of my city commuter.

Thank you for what you have created. I think the price is just about right for the workmanship, materials and most of all, the concept itself.

Michael ~ Seattle WA

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