End of the World

End of the World

It’s the End of the World As We Know It…


The northern end that is, of the north island of New Zealand….Whew, nothing dire.

World 1Taking the advice of locals, we caught a bus to the lighthouse on Cape Regina, where the Tasman Sea collides with the South Pacific. Words and photos don’t do the place justice.  The Pacific, warm and deep blue swirling south, crashes into the cool green Tasman and what a show it is! Literally a line of cresting crashing waves straight out from the land demarcates where the two bodies meet – simply magnificent!

Hiking the cape, putting our toes into two different oceans, the glorious weather, sun… the day screams and shouts, “This is what we live for!”

And it is – this time. These countries have been on my bucket list for years and I am finally “Living the Dream.” No sarcasm, no pun. I have wanted to do just exactly what I am doing for 10 years – from touring the Outback to biking in the giant trees. It does take planning and saving and making things happen, but it is all doable.


On that note, we passed this beach shack and after rolling in laughter, I took a photo.World 2Live your dream. Whatever it is, live it.

My younger sister was killed at age 21. My Father, in college, was captain of the football team, and at age 55, was basically confined to a chair, crippled with rheumatism. You just don’t know what the next moment may bring.  This blog started out with me telling you how my husband, while on a training ride for this trip, nicked a traffic barricade and flew over the handlebars of his bike, breaking his collar bone and dislocating his shoulder. A few inches to the left and he may well have broken his neck. We just never know.

Our day also included sandboarding.

We moved down to the road to the last item in the far north section of this island, the giant Kauri trees.  The photos are of two different trees, 58 and 55 feet in diameter, these ancient trees germinated before 500-1000 BC. (That’s during the Bronze age folks, while men were living in caves and dressing in furs)

World 3World 4

New Zealand is so rich is greens.

Lastly, we headed to the ocean front for a campground.  It was a very, very full and wonderful day.

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