Boise Weekly on the Firefly Turn-Signal Bike Grips

Boise Weekly Features FireFly Turn Signal Bike Grips

Boise Weekly ran an article on the upcoming summer events and tournaments in the Boise area where they featured the Rideout Technologies FireFly turn-signal bike grips.

It has happened to all of us, we are out on a ride, really enjoying ourselves and suddenly we realize – Wow! It is getting late! We turn our bikes around only to find the sun is already dipping down behind the hills…How great it would be to have a flashing light built into the ends of the comfort handle bar grips that can tell the cars we too are on the roadway. And that is exactly what the FireFly’s do. Use the flashing light to signal lane changes or simply as a warning to oncoming cars of our presence, the key to being safe so to be seen.
If you want to learn more about our comfortable and safe FireFly bike grips with LED turn signals, see this page with more info, specs and videos!

Read the full article in the Boise Weekly online edition here.

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