California Seal Surfing Wave


I am in northern California, playing. Hiking and biking in the Redwoods, enjoying stunning, dry, late September weather along the seashore. This part of the western seaboard, southern Oregon to northern California is relative difficult to get to. And difficult to travel in. One must pick up the coastal highway (HWY 101) at Coos Bay […]

Boise Weekly Features FireFly Turn Signal Bike Grips

Boise Weekly on the Firefly Turn-Signal Bike Grips

Boise Weekly ran an article on the upcoming summer events and tournaments in the Boise area where they featured the Rideout Technologies FireFly turn-signal bike grips. It has happened to all of us, we are out on a ride, really enjoying ourselves and suddenly we realize – Wow! It is getting late! We turn our […]

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