The Drive From Hell

Ray had a plan he had not shared with me. He wanted to see the northwest corner of Australia.  That was 1000+ kilometers from where we were.  That was also only reached by travelling red dirt roads.  In one day, we drove 1000 kilometers of teeth rattling, bone jarring washboard red roads scraped from the […]

Liters and Liters of Water

Ray worked here in Western Australia for three years, retiring a week before we met. His was the construction project manager for a huge liquefied natural gas plant located in the northwest corner of the outback. Ray, like the other employees, lived in a very remote camp. Although he worked here, he had not had […]


The sheer size and vastness of the outback is hard to describe. Kilometer after kilometer rolls by. With its flat, endless horizon, the foreign flora and fauna, the red dust, it might as well be Mars. On a very personal note, this trip has been beyond amazing. It is like living “The Wild Kingdom.” Or […]

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