vastness pic 1

The sheer size and vastness of the outback is hard to describe.

vastness pic 1Kilometer after kilometer rolls by.
With its flat, endless horizon, the foreign flora and fauna, the red dust, it might as well be Mars.

On a very personal note, this trip has been beyond amazing. It is like living “The Wild Kingdom.” Or am I dating myself too much? There are no towns, you set up camp at night, wildlife is everywhere, it walks into your camp and stares at you. It is truly a trip of a lifetime. I have seen 200 kangaroos and animals I did not even know existed.



We stopped at Pinnacles national park where stones jut from the earth, reminiscent of tomb stones or something from a very scary movie, as perhaps we were walking across a giant’s jagged broken teeth. vastness pic 2
I also saw my first Emu, blue touged lizard ( a weird looking creature with a blue tough and seems to have been stepped on and cut short), andGlallars, a big grey parrott-like bird.

vastness pic 3 vastness pic 4vastness pic 6








We camped that night in the bush.

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