The Drive From Hell

Drive 1

Ray had a plan he had not shared with me. He wanted to see the northwest corner of Australia.  That was 1000+ kilometers from where we were.  That was also only reached by travelling red dirt roads.  In one day, we drove 1000 kilometers of teeth rattling, bone jarring washboard red roads scraped from the dessert. Drive 1

I really don’t like riding in a car. I feel every mile makes my butt spread ever wider.  Perhaps that is why I prefer to ride my bike. Regardless, put me in a car for the most miserable endless drive from hell possible, and I can border on —unreasonable.

Yet to get to where we were going, it had to be done.  Why were we going there? So he could fish. Yup, fish a particular spit of sand that jutted into the ocean…

We drove all day and did not see another human.  That is actually a bit scary, what if your vehicle broke down? You would just mummify in this desert.


drive 2We did see thousands of termite mounds, hundreds of roos, a few wallabies,

And in the fading light, a spiny Echidna, the marsupial version of a porcupine and termite eaters.  We did not see another person the entire day.  That is why, on an outback rig, you have two tires, big fuel tanks and liters and liters of 3
The sun had long set when we finally stopped to set up camp. In the glow from the flashlight, I could see four different snake trails in the sand. I am so exhausted that we set up the tent over them.

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