There are times when we as people “just want to help” but can’t figure out how to.  During huge national disasters such a Hurricane Maria I felt a huge need to try and do something.  As a sailor, fresh water is one of the highest, most critical needs on a boat. Then it hit me, I could. I have a sailboat called the Lazy J. Fresh water was not a problem in Puerto Rico, but clean fresh water was. I purchased four water purifiers that could remove 99.99% of the impurities from dirty water and release clean, drinkable water.  Storing these in the second berth on the boat wasn’t a problem and suddenly, a solution. These purifiers were placed in an elementary school in San Juan.

I am a very blessed person, I could “do something” and my very sincere thanks go to the rest of the RideOut folks who picked up the slack while I was gone.

KBOI in Boise Idaho featured our quest before we set off. See the video below and read the full article at KBOI’s Site here.

Words, photos and exclamation points simply cannot began to capture the massive…

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