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Building Comfortable Bike Seat

“I have always believed that if we could make a more comfortable bike seat – a better bike seat, we could change the world.” said Jeri Rutherford, inventor of the Carbon Comfort bike seat.  “The average car trip in the US is less than 5 miles, imagine the difference, politically, economically, environmentally and personally to our waist lines, it would make if we just ride those miles on a bike and not in a car.”

Jeri with bike seat
Jeri Rutherford with Bike Seat and Touring Bag

It was on a long cross-state ride that Jeri became so sore from riding she ended up pushing her bike down a seemingly endless highway.  After trying a full range of existing seats and realizing “a bad design padded; is still a bad design. I knew there had to be something better” she said, “so I went to work”.  After dozens of prototypes and many years later a better bike seat was born.  “The Carbon Comfort Seat”.

Made from injected carbon fiber the patented “crossbow suspension technology” absorbs and dampens road shock and vibration. The thermal molded base plate matches the body autonomy and bio-density foam under the sit bones provide extra comfort. The better bike seat is topped with a Kevlar cover with a 3M reflective safety patch built in. Using reverse engineering to assert the least amount of pressure on the perineum, the seat design supports and allows you to sit on your sit bones, achieving correct weight distribution. This riding position relieves nerve pressure and increases blood flow in the region, something which normal seats can reduce by up to 70% leading to all sorts of potential health problems.

“The best part is when consumers write to me and tell me they are riding more, losing weight and having fun. That is just wonderful to hear!” Jeri said, “Changing the world, one seat at a time”.


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