Success! Puerto Rico Water Purifiers Delivered!

RideOut Tech Delivers Puerto Rico Water Purifiers

Water Purifiers were delivered last week to St. John’s School in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Thank you to all the folks who contributed their funds to this goal. Below is the letter and photos of the kids using the filters. My personal thanks go to the folks who keep running while I am out running around the world. Fulfillment, taxes, website, all those things that go into running a business get taken care of by other people and I couldn’t do this work without them doing their work.

Good afternoon Jeri,
Thank your for the efforts to get these water purifiers to us.
Attached are a few photos of students using one of the water purifiers sent. We put this one in the school cafeteria where it could benefit the most students. We are in the process of preparing the other two and determining where they will be most beneficial.

We know that these filters are highly recommended and the best on the market so are extremely grateful for your contribution. Once the other two filters are installed next week, we will send out a communication to all families letting them know that this purified water is available to students.

We started out the school year as an Eco-school, encouraging students to bring reusable bottles and stopped the sale of plastic water bottles. Hurricane Maria took us back. Due to the lack of potable water, we were forced to sell bottled water once again. Your contribution is allowing us to once again encourage environmental consciousness.

Thank you again for your generous donation to our school. Next week I will send more photos as well as the communication we send to parents.
Happy New Year to you and all the patrons who contributed.


Meredith Charak

Alumni Relations and Communications Specialist
Saint John’s School

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