River Crossings, Red Earth and Exmouth

red earth 2

The outback is huge, red, dusty, harsh and sharp. Every plant seems to poke you or have thorns, bugs bite me, huge lizards scurry in front of my bike wheels and scare me, snakes slither across the dust, yet I love it.  red earth 1Riding is so hot that it has to be limited to the morning and evenings. There are also significant distances to cover on horrible roads. Ray rides a bit, but his shoulder continues to give him a lot of discomfort.  I take advantage of the situation by having my own personal sag wagon! I love riding out and being picked up kilometers away.

Our pattern has been to spend a few days in the bush then head to someplace I can get a hot shower.  Often times this is little more than a roadhouse.  That means a fuel stop, shower stall and café, all in one small roadside building.

red earth 2Billibong is an Aussie word for ”backwater”.

Although almost all of the outback I have seen is flat, occasional rivers cut deep into the earth. We stopped for a hike at one.

Just like in the Grand Canyon, a photo cannot do the sight justice! sweeping canyons are deep, red, and steal your breath away.

I am also entranced by the flowers. It is spring and the desert is alive. I don’t recognize a single plant and they all seem to poke you when you touch them, but they are beautiful!

The days are just stupid hot, and we made the decision after a week in the bush to start circling back toward the coastal south.

Slight problem: a spring river was blocking our path!


Problem solved, this is how you get bikes across a river in the outback. One last milestone for me, crossing the Tropic of Capricorn, a virginal experience!


red earth 6

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