Perth to Fremantle Via the Swan River


Perth is a bustling city of over 2 million the largest city in Western Oz  (I’m not sure why but Aussie’s fondly refer to their Perth 2country as Oz). Within this city, it seemed every major street was under construction. This part of Oz is jumpiPerth 3n’ economically as well as with construction of buildings and factories. Overall, biking here is dangerous. Streets are narrow, there are almost no shoulders on the roads, and bikes are to give way to cars and pedestrians.  You really are taking your life into your hands when biking on the roads here, so a bike path was quite welcome.

Luckily, we found this track running along the Swan River, through the center of town. Birds were everywhere along the water’s edge, and they were huge and seemed to know they pretty much owned the place.  These Pelicans were as tall as me! A lady was feeding the birds small pieces of fish and had drawn a crowd – she told us that these perth 4giants live over 15 years.  The pelican’s feet were at least a size 9!

The black swans are also famous here, a national bird. These guys are also big with a 10 ft wingspan and one would be smart to gave way to them while they were on the path.

Equally odd are the Grass Trees alongPerth5side the path; this one was in bloom. Aside from imported roses, there was very little vegetation  here that I recognized. Yet it was a beautiful day of biking, and I worked up an appetite. One of the best things about biking is that you get to eat anything you want!! We had a wonderful meal of Indian Chicken and roasted pumpkin then continue south.


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