At the three day check-up with the PA, we told him of our travel plans, a 5 week 1000+ mile bike trip, and he said “Go Ahead”!(really is a PA as good as a real doctor? I am really questioning this guy, but he said go…) Ray can’t raise his arm above his waist and there is no way he can ride a bike. I have to tie his shoes…but he said go… I am befuddled. A broken bone takes 6 weeks to heal. There is no way he can do this.  

Replanning, Relisting

I’m depressed, upset, and lost. Ray’s broken bone needs 6 weeks to mend and he cannot/should not ride until then. Trying to find humor but I remain in a bit of a conundrum.   RideOut6

I had dreamed for years of circumnavigation of New Zealand. I made…

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