Doctor Quack said “Go Ahead”

At the three day check-up with the PA, we told him of our travel plans, a 5 week 1000+ mile bike trip, and he said “Go Ahead”!(really is a PA as good as a real doctor? I am really questioning this guy, but he said go…) Ray can’t raise his arm above his waist and […]

A Dream and A Plan

I had dreamed for years of circumnavigation of New Zealand. I made the date, checked my frequent flyer account for enough miles, saved a buck or two and planned a departure date of January 6, 2014. A week after I made my plan, I met a man whom within days, I fell madly in love […]

No Pain Bike Seats

Looking for a No Pain Bike Seat? You found it… Actually, don’t take our word for it, just read what David from Vermont had to say about our Bike Seat…

Bicycle Seats Pink

Comfortable Bike Seat

A better bike seat is exactly what Jeri Rutherford made, after years of riding on uncomfortable bike seats. Finally a bike seat for everyone to enjoy…

Hiawatha Trail

Trail of the Hiawatha

One of the great places to ride your carbon comfort seat is the Hiawatha Trail. This is an amazing bike trail and a true adventure.

Comfortable Bike Seats from Ride Out Technologies

Comfortable Bike Seats

Biking the world’s most dangerous road. Do you know what road it is? Find out…

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