Cycling the Redwood Forest

Cycling the Redwoods

Cycling the Redwoods requires strength, stamina and most of all, fearless fortitude! These roads around Jedediah Smith, Mill Creek, Elk Prairie parks are stunning roads with massive towering trees pressing into the sides. The highway itself whips and curves, dips and dives between the giants, built to be a road to be savored, a road […]

"Colored Cowboy" George Fletcher Statue in Pendleton, Oregon

Living a Good life

Oregon has always been a bit ahead of its time. It was one of the first states to require bottle deposits, recycling and construction of bike lanes with new road construction. It is a great state for road touring. There are many rides and bike trails specifically set aside for riders and the Oregon Parks […]

RideOut Technologies - Biking on the River

Stumbling Along

For me, biking provides a time to clear my head. There is something about your legs and hands being engaged, rolling down the road, while your mind is free to process thoughts. I know many others feel this same way. Some of my very best poetry and ideas have come to me while on a […]

Petting a Gray Whale and Calf


Sometimes when I see pictures like this I get really depressed. As both a sailor, scuba diver and bicyclist, I “see” a lot of the world. When you are on a bike cycling down a road or sailing into port, you are able to see trash and garbage along the road or washed ashore around […]

Custom Road Bike from Rideout Tech

What I ride

I spilt my time between Idaho, Montana and a sailboat in the Caribbean. Each “home” has at least one or two bikes. On the sailboat is a folding bike I use while in port for trips to explore the island or bring back groceries. However, the roads of the Caribbean island are often narrow shoulder-less […]

RideOut Tech Delivers Puerto Rico Water Purifiers

Success! Puerto Rico Water Purifiers Delivered!

Success! Water Purifiers were delivered last week to St. John’s School in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Thank you to all the folks who contributed their funds to this goal. Below is the letter and photos of the kids using the filters. My personal thanks go to the folks who keep running while I am out running […]

Puerto Rico Water Crisis

Rideout Tech to Help with Puerto Rico Drinking Water

There are times when we as people “just want to help” but can’t figure out how to.  During huge national disasters such a Hurricane Maria I felt a huge need to try and do something.  As a sailor, fresh water is one of the highest, most critical needs on a boat. Then it hit me, […]

Bike Riding in Glacier National Park

The Best Biking Day Ever

Words, photos and exclamation points simply cannot began to capture the massive glacial carved valleys of seen while biking Glacier National Park.

Florida, Lazy J & I

When I started building bike seats 13 years ago, I did it because I wanted a more comfortable seat. Getting an idea from my mind to a physical product I could ride took years, almost 50 prototypes and an immense of time. But I did it because it was just something I wanted to do. […]

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