To Coral Bay and Back a Million Years in Time

When I recovered from my cancer bout, there were a few things on my bucket list that I set out to do. First was getting my scuba diving certification. The problem with bucket lists items is that they are fun, addictive, and one typically leads to five more. This is the case with diving. I […]

River Crossings, Red Earth and Exmouth

The outback is huge, red, dusty, harsh and sharp. Every plant seems to poke you or have thorns, bugs bite me, huge lizards scurry in front of my bike wheels and scare me, snakes slither across the dust, yet I love it.  Riding is so hot that it has to be limited to the morning […]

Shark Bay Has – Sharks!

Ray is a man, and he has some man habits that are very different from mine, like communication or better put, lack thereof. It took me a while to understand why we had to get to this place until Ray explained that to him, if a place is hard to get to, it makes it […]

The Drive From Hell

Ray had a plan he had not shared with me. He wanted to see the northwest corner of Australia.  That was 1000+ kilometers from where we were.  That was also only reached by travelling red dirt roads.  In one day, we drove 1000 kilometers of teeth rattling, bone jarring washboard red roads scraped from the […]

Liters and Liters of Water

Ray worked here in Western Australia for three years, retiring a week before we met. His was the construction project manager for a huge liquefied natural gas plant located in the northwest corner of the outback. Ray, like the other employees, lived in a very remote camp. Although he worked here, he had not had […]


The sheer size and vastness of the outback is hard to describe. Kilometer after kilometer rolls by. With its flat, endless horizon, the foreign flora and fauna, the red dust, it might as well be Mars. On a very personal note, this trip has been beyond amazing. It is like living “The Wild Kingdom.” Or […]

Doctor Quack said “Go Ahead”

At the three day check-up with the PA, we told him of our travel plans, a 5 week 1000+ mile bike trip, and he said “Go Ahead”!(really is a PA as good as a real doctor? I am really questioning this guy, but he said go…) Ray can’t raise his arm above his waist and […]

A Dream and A Plan

I had dreamed for years of circumnavigation of New Zealand. I made the date, checked my frequent flyer account for enough miles, saved a buck or two and planned a departure date of January 6, 2014. A week after I made my plan, I met a man whom within days, I fell madly in love […]

Composite Manufacturing Features RideOut Tech Carbon Fiber Technology

Composites Manufacturing Features RideOut Carbon Fiber Technology

Composites Manufacturing is a bimonthly publication of the American Composites Manufacturers Association. They recently featured our carbon fiber base plate used in the RideOut Technologies comfortable bike seat line. Bike seat comfort has been an issue since bikes were invented, just about 100 years.  Traditionally, leather has been used as both the seat itself and […]

Rideout Technologies Most Comfortable Bike Seats - Carbon Comfort

“Comfort Counts” in the Houston Chronicle

Ken Hoffman has been writing for the Houston Chronicle for a zillion years. He work is rare, both funny and compelling. Every year he rides in a 150 mile charity bicycle ride to raise money for MS. A noble effort. Every year he whines incessantly about butt pain and “walking like a rodeo cowboy” for […]

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